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We had a wonderful experience with Greenman Pet Services. They watched our very anti-boarding cats for a week. When we contacted Steve and Ailsa, we were very pleased with their professional attitude. They presented us with a clear pricing structure and were able to make recommendations based on our animals particular needs. They are both well versed in animal care and planned for every possible problem we might run into (having to stay an additional day, emergency contacts, who to turn over the cats to in the event we should become incapacitated.) They took the time to meet our cats beforehand, and to understand their needs. This made us very comfortable with leaving them this Christmas, as we have not felt in the past.

They were also able to send us email updates of how the cats were doing if we became nervous or began to fret. From beginning to end we were well pleased and felt that we got quite a bit of value for our money when we hired them. You will not regret it.
~ Stacy

Steve and Ailsa deserve 10 stars on a scale of 5. Loving, caring, knowledgeable - just plain outstanding care. They took in my bird on an emergency basis as I was headed out of town for the holidays and my bird suddenly needed special care. They took to the task without any concern and my bird thrived in a high-touch environment. Providing special foods, meds, and extra attention was no bother. Dang, i just wish they lived closer and did house calls! They have a large number of birds themselves who are all clearly part of the family and get a lot of love. Anyone looking for reputable and caring folks to care for your bird(s) while you are away should look no further as I cannot imagine anyone being able to trump these two in bird care. I cannot write enough great accolades about them.
~ Gigi

Thanks for taking such great care of Taz, Boomer and Pearl (two conures and a cockatiel). Not only did you feed them, clean the cages and change the water you were able to give Boomer much needed out of cage time along with the others. It is easy to give Taz and Pearl out of cage time because both birds are very people friendly, love hanging out on shoulders and getting head scratches. Boomer on the other hand has had a roughlife (mickaboo rescue) and as much as he likes being held and snuggling at the same time he is also terrified and will bite very, very hard to the point where blood is almost always drawn. Even though you didn't hold him (can't say I blame you) you did let him out of his cage which is more than most people would do. That plus you risked your hands and fingers giving him food and water along with cage cleaning. The bottom line is if you can give Boomer such great care then you can give excellent service to anything.
~ Kathleen

We feel very fortunate to have Greenman Pet services for our pet sitting needs. Both Steve and Ailsa have a big heart and an even bigger understanding of animals. We have complete confidence in their judgment, reliability, and most of all on their knowledge and kindness towards animals. We will most definitely be using Greenman Pet Services in the future. We plan to do a lot more traveling now that we know our birds will be safe and happy with Greenman Pet Services!
~ Amy and Al, exerpt from their letter of reference

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