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We charge $40 per half hour of care, regardless of species. Minimum hours are established below for animals that require food or water at least twice a day, as well as social time and exercise.

We appreciate requests for service at least two weeks before the start date - but are always happy to fit in last minute bookings so long as we have room on our calendar! Please remember though, even a reservation two weeks ahead of time may not be long enough during busy times of the year (holidays, school breaks, summer vacations, etc.) - so booking as soon as you have plans in place is advised. Please note: a booking is not considered firm until the deposit is received.

Our charge for overnight stays is $120 per night. This includes 10-12 hours with your pet, an evening or morning walk for dogs, and care (feeding, playtime, clean up of litter boxes, etc.) for any other animals in your home. Mid-day visits/potty breaks between overnight stays will incur an additional charge.

Pet sitting: Vacation Visits
Dogs: Dogs should never go more than 12 hours between visits - therefore we require a minimum of 2 visits a day for any household with dogs, unless it's a mid-day potty break or walk where the owners will be home morning and evening. For extended pet sitting periods, for one or two dogs we require a morning half-hour hour visit to check food/water and allow outdoor potty time, and an afternoon/evening 1-hour visit for a walk, playtime, and food and water. Additional time will be required for households with more dogs than we can care for. Additional time is billed at our usual hourly rate.

Cats: Since some cats just need us to check in on them once a day to make sure they're doing ok, change the litterbox, and provide food and fresh water, and others need snuggles/playtime on top of the basics, services for any particular family will depend on how independent the cats are and whether they need time for us to give them love and play with them, etc. Minimum visit for up to three cats is a half hour to do the essentials, an hour if play or dedicated loving-attention is included. Additional may cats will require additional time, at our hourly rate.

Socialized parrots/birds: Minimum of half-hour visit in the morning to uncover cages, check food and water, and open curtains. Afternoon/evening half-hour visit to check food and water, change papers as necessary, and give out-time. Additional time, at our hourly rate, may be necessary for households with multiple cages/birds, especially if the birds all require individual out-time.

Birds in an aviary: Minimum one hour per day, for up to four cages, which includes a half-hour morning visit and a half-hour afternoon visit to check on everyone, change substrate, and provide food and fresh water. For a week or more, an additional half-hour per cage per week to do a thorough cage cleaning (so if you have two aviaries, an additional hour per week on top of basic care).

Rodents, reptiles, fish, and other small animals: Food, water, out-time and cage/habitat cleaning as necessary based on species, at our hourly rate.

Mixed-type households: If you have multiple types of animals in your home, we can work out a schedule that will work best for the number and types of animals you have, based on our hourly rate. Minimum hours for each species will apply to ensure proper care, personal attention, and walks/exercise are done for all the animals.

Afternoon walks or potty breaks
Give your dog (or cat ... or whomever!) some out-time while you're at work! We'll take your pet for a walk (all animals must be leash or harness-trained for walks), or we can stay at your home while your pet has a potty break and plays for a while in your backyard. For safety reasons, we do not provide off-leash time, except in the pet owner's fenced yard and we will not walk more than one owner's animals at a time (ie, no "group walks" with a friend's animals, etc.).

Environmental Enrichment
Does your caged pet (bird, rabbit, hamster) have an environment that is safe and healthy? Does it stimulate your pet to play during the day (or night if nocturnal)? Do you know how to set up a cage to encourage plenty of movement and activity rather than having a perch/cubby potato? If not, we can help! We offer consultation services to help you set up an environment that is big enough and busy enough to help your pet have a more enriched and engaged life. From helping you pick out cages to decking them out with safe substrate, perches, ladders and toys, to purchasing and set-up, we're happy to help you provide the best for your pets! Services billed at our hourly rate.

Rates subject to change.

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